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Inspired by Menno’s Indigo Dyed Engineers, i wanted to do something similair. Since the Engineers are not my favourite Red Wing boots, i came across these 8173 Moc’s in almost the same Abilene Rough-Out leather (the Moc’s are a Hawthorne Abilene Rough-Out leather).Matthijs van Meurs (Red Wings Heritage representive) again helped me out with finding and sending me this pair of 8173’s. Thanks to him and the Red Wing Shoes Company i got a pair in my size for this personal project. For the indigo-part i’ve got myself a pair of Tellason Ladbroke Grove denim at Tenue de Nimes in Amsterdam. I’ve heard so many positive reactions from people who own a pair. Instead of choosing the 14.75 oz. i’ve bought the 16.5 oz. Cone Mills White Oak denim. I just love denim that has more body and keeps it’s fit and shape for a longer period of time.Yesterday (25-03-2013) i’ve started wearing both the denim and boots and i’ll be doing this for the rest of the period untill my birthday in May. It’s going to be tough to do this, since i’ve got so many other great pairs of denim and footwear to choose from.I’m looking forward to see how it’s going to look. I’m gonna take a picture each day to see how the fading will progress in time.Cheers…wish me luck, haha ! · #ouwe paparazzi #ouwepaparazzi #tellason #red wing shoes #red wing heritage #red wing amsterdam #8173 #moc #boots #indigo dye project #25-03-2013 #start #photography #tenue de nimes #amsterdam #denim #selvedge #white oak #cone mills #jeans #footwear #abilene #rough-out #leather #hawthorne
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